Limiting our impact...

At Kinfolk, we're all about maximising impact - except when it comes to the environment. As a social enterprise, our focus is on localising our resource needs and finding ways to make them regenerative, sustainable and economical. This is expressed in our seasonal, low food-mile menus, our biodegradable packaging and low carbon footprint venues. The small decisions we make as a business have an aggregate effect on not only our operations, but what communities expect from local businesses.

Waste Minimisation + Management

All of our take-away packaging is biodegradable and it, along with our coffee grounds and food scraps are collected and commercially composted by Waste Ninja. Our takeaway coffee cups are regular compostable - thanks to I Am Not Paper


For fresh produce, Sibling overwhelming favours producers and suppliers based in Victoria. Our fruit and vegetables come from Northside Fruit & Veg and Days Walk Farm. Our free range eggs come from Burd Eggs and our dairy from Saint David Dairy.

Our coffee also comes from Melbourne-based roasters (Small Batch & Prologue) who source directly from individual producers around the world.